Preferred Products

The following is a list of cleaning products I prefer to use, presented here with pictures to make them easier to find.
Mouse over each image to see a larger photo.


Invisible Glass

I have found that there are some mirrors that retain a film when using Windex. Invisible Glass seems to do a better job. Windex works fine on windows though. Please do not purchase generic or store brand glass cleaner — it usually leaves streaks.

It turns out that certain brands of paper towels leave a film! I am currently experimenting with various brands to see if there is anything that will not leave a film and Scott brand Spongetowels seem to work well. Compliments brand (Sobey's store brand, available at IGA and Safeway) and Kirkland (Costco store brand) paper towels also work well. Cascades Enviro brand paper towels also seem to work well. Bounty brand is really bad for leaving a film behind. Viva also seems to leave a film.

General Cleaning

All-purpose cleaner
Mr Clean, Pine Sol or equivalent generic or store brand


VIM Bathroom Cleaner
This comes in many flavours, but I prefer the regular original version which comes in a white bottle with green trim and a blue-ish label. (Do not buy the "Power Cream" version.)

Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner
The labels on their various different products are almost identical! The aerosol cans pictured above are great. However, if you prefer a trigger spray, please only buy this ("soap scum remover"):
  new label:
Note that it has a very similar label to this:
  new label:
Do not buy the one with the pink strip across the bottom of the label! This is bleach and not useful for my purposes.
Please do not buy any product "with bleach".
Also, don't bother with this:

It just costs more for no advantage.

Lysol Bathroom Cleaner
Please only buy the aerosol can. The trigger spray is not good.

There are also generic and store brand aerosols that are fine. Please don't buy generic or store brand trigger sprays.
Please do not buy Scrub Free in any form.

Toilet bowl cleaner
Comes in a bottle with a crooked neck. Toilet Duck or any generic or store brand.

Extra scrubbing

Cream cleanser
VIM, Soft Scrub or any generic or store brand.

Disposable erasing pads
Mr Clean Magic Eraser or generic or store brand.

Or equivalent generic or store brand

Other cleaning

Swiffer duster
I find generic and store brand versions aren't as good, so please only Swiffer brand.

Bee-Mop for tile, vinyl and linoleum floors

Vileda Fibro Contact flat mop for hardwood and laminate floors

  new label:
Zep Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaner (trigger spray bottle)
(available at Home Depot)

Perfect Stainless for brushed stainless steel appliances
(available at Bed, Bath & Beyond)

Other items

Microfibre cloth
Bucket at least 8L (2 gal)
Broom any indoor broom
Dish soap (no preference)
Vacuum any vacuum will do, though I find Hoover and Kenmore are quite good. I'm sure your vacuum is fine!

Aerosol cans
Please note that ozone-depleting CFCs have been banned in Canada since 1996, so buying products in aerosol cans will not damage the environment. Most cans still show a No CFCs logo.

On the subject of Bleach
I don't use bleach. Some people want bleach used to clean their kitchen. I use dish soap and that has been sufficient for over 20 years. Here's my reasoning: you use plain old dish soap to wash your plates and then you put food directly on those plates and then put that food directly into your body. How is dish soap sanitary enough for that, but not for your countertops?
I use Mr Clean (or equivalent) in the bathrooms. Believe me, that's strong enough for most jobs. If there is a mildew problem I will request that you purchase a bleach-based cleaner (like Tilex) to obliterate the stains, but otherwise no, I won't use bleach. The fumes are just too debilitating and dangerous.
Please do not purchase any of the above cleaning supplies in the "bleach-added" forms. It is no better than the regular version.

Do not buy this!

Do not buy this!

Do not buy this!
Any questions: